Marcy with Mrs. R

Lily home care is a family owned and operated non-medical home care agency focused on providing your loved ones with the appropriate care to ensure the highest quality of life.


What makes us different is that we work close as a family, so naturally we treat our clients like family as well. We take the time to sit down with you and discuss a care plan ahead of time. You do not need to wait until care is not an option and everyone is scrambling to get things together- we offer free consultations at any time.


At Lily Home Care we pride ourselves in our cultural awareness and sensitivity and greatly enjoy learning about who people are and where they came from, their culture and customs. We want to ensure that we can help keep those traditions alive for you.

 Angela with Mr. D

Consider us like a matchmaker! We will not send you just any caregiver- we will carefully select someone that we feel would make a good long term match for not just your physical needs, but for your emotional needs as well. We take our matchmaking seriously and will never purposefully send your loved one a caregiver that we know isn’t right. We understand that it is hard to let someone into your home, into your life and will not act like this is no big deal for you. Let us ensure that person is someone that can be part of the family, and we will handle all of the legal and financial responsibilities so that you have nothing to worry about. You get the feel of a private aid, without the hassle.